Appearance reflects your values, your behavior, behavior of peers, and sets the tone in our environment.

Dress, attitude, and actions all serve as reference points on the road to individualism.  Younger children mirror the thoughts, actions and dress of older siblings or adult models. Some practices are unacceptable and lead to very disruptive classrooms. Our private school has a daily on-going goal to maintain an environment that provides a maximum opportunity to learn. Our pledge and intent is for your child to benefit socially and academically during his/her time with Ashleys. In the PreSchool thru 5th grade sections, it is critical that distractions to our academic process be held to a minimum.

There are obvious areas that can be controlled, some by you as parents, and some by us as administrators. It is awesome when we are on the same page.

Conservative is our standard. We ask that this be the test when buying clothes, jewelry, or answering a question about fad hair design. With any subject, in today’s world, endless discussions can be generated. Again, we trust that our judgment as to what works best in our classrooms and school will be accepted.

The students in Pre-School through 5th grade wear the school uniform to place emphasis on inner characteristics and provide less disruptive class instructional time. Please see handbook for details.

Uniforms must be purchased from:

The Mills Company
5460 E. Loop 820 S
Ft. Worth, Texas 76119
(817) 563-7100

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