The years my daughters spent at Ashleys helped to shape them into the wonderful young women they are today. My oldest daughter is now graduating college with a degree in Civil Engineering and my youngest is at UT majoring in Physical Therapy. Both girls have been on the Dean’s List. The experiences my girls had at Ashleys were first rate and have been a springboard to their success. Thanks for providing the fine educational experiences that have forever shaped their lives.
— Mike and Lupe Fasano, Amarillo, TX
In addition to the curriculum, Ashleys nurtures good behavior and conduct. From classroom instruction to interesting field trips, Ashleys students stand out and stand above the crowd.
— Malcolm Avaritt, Midlothian, TX
I’m amazed at how advanced the curriculum is compared to when I was in grade school and to my daughter’s friends in public school!
— David Hurd, Cedar Hill, TX