Welcome to Science and Social Studies



Welcome my future scientists and explorers!

We had a wonderful time with our scientist that came for our in-school field trip. We learned learned about and made the bones out of clay. We even got to make the protein that is inside our bones. 

Kinder Science- The future scientists are learning about the body and body system. 

First grade science- First grade is learning about the body. We have learned about the heart and blood vessels and moving on the the lungs. 

Kinder Social Studies- Kinder is learning about the great state of Texas. 

First Grade - What is the difference between the map and the globe? What is a map key? First grade is learning about the different types of maps, the difference between a globe and a map, the hemispheres, and poles.

First Grade- The State in the Bag project has been sent home and due November 13th.  Please let me know if you have any questions with the project.