Welcome to Science/ Social Studies


October 23-27

Upcoming Events: 

October 26th Third Grade History Test over Penn and Franklin (Study Guide went home October 19th)

October 27th: Halloween treats and $6.00 due for the party

October 30th: Josiah's Birthday

October 31st: Kaiya's Birthday; Halloween Party: Noon Dismissal


Second Grade: Chapter 5: Energy and Motion

Third Grade: Matter; We will finish the chapter and complete a study guide on Friday. The study guide will not go home until October 30th.

Fourth Grade:  Systems of Life

Fifth Grade: Ecological Succession


Social Studies:

Second Grade: Great job on last week's test! Social Studies packets this week. Starting in November, the class will be doing a unit on Native Americans.

Third Grade:  Penn and Franklin test: October 26th; Begin the chapter on George Washington

Fourth Grade: Texas Landform Posters look great!; Native Americans of the Gulf Coast, Plains, Desert, and Forest

FIfth Grade: Chapter 4 Middle East Today


Please remember that all study guides will be in your child's homework folder or clipped to their planner. Please review with your child every day so that they will be prepared for the test. 

We have Study Hall every day and Homework Lab Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4-5.