Camping out in FIRST GRADE! 

~Mrs. Overbeek

Spelling Words 10/16/17
  1. yellow
  2. and
  3. she
  4. nine
  5. tag
  6. yet
  7. will
 8. call
 9. has
10. blue
First Grade:
 1. rags
 2. and
 3. God
4. chapel
5. smile
6. value
 7. wing
 8. skull
 9. split
10. noun
11. thing
12. apple
13. bring
14. miss
15. glad
16. milk
17. blend
18. them
19. brisk
20. know
Language Arts Week o f 10/2/17
This week in Kinder we will listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  We will sequence events from the story and discuss vocabulary.  We will practice putting parts of sentences together focusing on beginning with a capital letter and ending with a period.  We will practice our listening skills with Myron, complete Fall Fun ABC order and paint a Columbus Day picture.  In phonics we will focus on letter P.  
First Grade:
This week in First Grade we will complete phonics for letters K, C and B.  We will learn when to spell using C or K.  We will continue to review nouns as we begin to learn about verbs.  A verb shows action, something we can do.  We will practice our listening skills with Buddy.  For spelling we will complete three times each and ABC order.  In honor of Columbus Day we will complete a word search of Columbus Day vocabulary.